Steve Kirsch – The case for adding fluvoxamine to the NIH COVID Guidelines


Here is a summary of why fluvoxamine should be considered by the committee for shared decision making.

We knew from November 12, 2020 with the publication of the Lenze study in JAMA it was a potential game changer because the effect size on reducing hospitalization was 100% and the the supporting data (multiple observational studies) was all consistent. Just two weeks later, on December 1, 2020, we knew that the study was confirmed in a real-world evidence trial by Dr. David Seftel at the massive COVID outbreak at Golden Gate Fields.

As of today (Feb 3, 2021), all of the data I’m aware of is all positive: we learned from the Seftel study that everyone who takes the drug has their symptoms resolve in a few days if we catch them early enough. But we have anecdotal evidence that fluvoxamine works in other stages of the disease…. I’ve  never heard of a case where any person failed to respond and get back to normal no matter how sick they are… high flow oxygen, intubated patients, etc. It just takes longer and may require a larger dose.

An average effect size of 100% prevention of both hospitalization and  long term COVID symptoms after two weeks vs. 12.5% (hospitalization rate) and 60% (long-term COVID  symptoms rate) respectively for no treatment in the Seftel study. The combined p-value of just the Lenze and Seftel studies is <.0001. While you can argue that you can’t combine the numbers because the Seftel study was only pseudo randomized and open label, if you look at the Seftel study, the treatment cohort was worse than random based on comorbidities (add in the fact that it included 8 crossovers from the treatment group (who were not counted twice). Therefore the p-values and effect sizes are thus conservative estimates rather than optimistic estimates. The Fisher Exact test shows an effect size of 75% or more with 95% confidence.

All of the observational studies (two French, one German, and one US) showed significant protection with strong p-values.

As far as I know, there is no data anywhere showing fluvoxamine would cause a single additional death (it will not make COVID outcomes worse). It is safe drug with no reported deaths of overdose in the literature, making it far safer than over the counter drugs such as Tylenol which kills hundreds of people per year. We know the short and long-term safety outcomes when used with COVID: there are no issues. Mild nausea was reported by one patient on the 50mg BID dose.

Steve Kirsch – The case for fluvoxamine for treating COVID-19


Today, if we follow the CDC advice, nearly 100,000 people a month will die from COVID. This advice is now outdated.

On January 22, 2021, thirty key opinion leaders (KOL) from NIH, CDC, and leading academic institutions met to review the evidence for using fluvoxamine for treating COVID. Even though they spent only 45 minutes and just reviewed the 2 clinical studies and some plausible mechanisms of action (and ignored anecdotal evidence and multiple retrospective trials, all of which were supportive), after the meeting they voted overwhelmingly (11 to 5 with 4 being neutral) in favor of having doctors talk to their patients about using fluvoxamine if they have COVID using a “shared decision making” process. I believe they made the right decision and we should be rushing to follow their advice. Here’s why.

Fluvoxamine is a very safe drug… on market for 37 years, tens of millions of people have taken it, no record in scientific literature of anyone dying on overdose, and according to doctors that know the drug the best, about as dangerous as taking a Tylenol. At the dosing for COVID (50mg BID x 14 days), there is a 1% chance of mild-nausea and because the dose is so low and the time it is taken is so short, and there are no psychotropic effects (which require more than 3 weeks of use; the psychotropic effects non-existent if you don’t have depression or an anxiety disorder in the first place). Drug interactions should be checked for. Patients should be advised to limit/avoid the use of caffeine while on the drug since fluvoxamine extends the half life of caffeine (making you super wired).

In two trials (both published studies in peer reviewed journals with Editor’s Choice in both cases), the drug had a 100% effect size in protecting against hospitalization from the respiratory symptoms from COVID. The combined p value of the two studies is <.0001. 95% confidence effect size is 75% or more.

In every case we are aware of, the drug was successful in reversing COVID symptoms, generally in 3 days or less. In severe cases, it takes longer. I have never heard of a case it didn’t work.

I am not aware of a single case where taking the made things worse, e.g., person was doing fine BEFORE the drug and symptoms worsened after taking the drug.

InfoWars – Doctor Banned From Using Social Media Over “Masks Do Nothing” Claim Takes Case to High Court

by Paul Joseph Watson

A doctor who was banned by the General Medical Council from discussing COVID-19 on social media after claiming “masks do nothing” has taken his case to the High Court in London.

The social media ban was a condition imposed on Dr Samuel White’s registration with the GMC after he posted a video to Instagram and Twitter in June.

In the video, White said why he could no longer tolerate working in his previous roles because of the “lies” around the NHS and the government’s response to the pandemic, which were “so vast” he could no longer “stomach” them, the court was told.

The doctor also raised concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine and the reliability of COVID tests while also asserting, “masks do nothing.”

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