The repeated circle of lies against Andrew Wakefield all trace back to Bill Gates, proponent of global depopulation and genocide against humanity

For years, the medical community, Big Pharma, academia and certain philanthropic foundations have repeatedly sought to discredit and ruin Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British former gastroenterologist and medical researcher who demonstrated a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

One of the philanthropist organizations involved in the effort to discredit Wakefield is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, run in part by the billionaire Microsoft founder, who has donated millions for vaccine research and who, in 2010, advocated for depopulating the world in a TED talk.

Many of the same lies to discredit Wakefield have long been discredited themselves, but the same old players in Big Pharma, academia and the “science” community continue to regurgitate them as though they were true.

And, as Mike Adams noted even more recently, there is more of this chicanery in play as the same players work to keep the new documentary film, VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, which details the MMR-Autism link, from reaching the public.

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James May to circle Isle of Man on life-size Meccano motorbike

James May to circle Isle of Man on life-size Meccano motorbike

Did you know that the gents from Top Gear do a lot more than just make us all laugh on the telly for a few Sundays each year? It’s true, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May all have other projects, newspaper columns or TV shows to keep them busy, but predictably, these aren’t your average day jobs.

May, for example, will be riding the 38-mile-long Isle of Man Tourist Trophy course on, of all things, a full-size motorized trike made of Meccano. Meccano, for those that aren’t in the know, are what our friends across the pond call Erector Sets. Yes, he’s going to run the weaving, hilly Isle of Man TT course on 15,000 pieces of Meccano. How hard can it be? Well, considering the traditionally difficult conditions on the course, the 38-mile length and the Meccano’s 15-mile-per-hour top speed, we’re thinking it’ll be pretty darn hard.

The challenge is part of May’s show that isn’t Top Gear, Toy Stories, which sees Captain Slow take on life-size challenges with children’s toys. He’s previously built a Supermarine Spitfire from an Airfix kit and built a full-size house out of Lego. This is the second time May has featured Meccano on the show, as the third episode of the first season saw him build a life-size, rolling drawbridge.

It certainly sounds like an interesting challenge, and one we can’t wait to see May carry out. Here’s hoping the show, which airs on BBC Two, will make it to the US.

Unusual phenomenon: Giant ice circle spinning in North Dakota river

A retired engineer out hunting in North Dakota on Saturday spotted a huge disk of ice spinning on the Sheyenne River, over 50 feet in diameter.
George Loegering posted video online on Tuesday of his unusual sighting, clearly showing the snow-covered disc rotating.

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