Infowars: Shocking Footage: Media Caught Covering Up Clinton’s Ongoing Looting Of Haiti

The dying mainstream media is desperately trying to suppress the Haiti disaster story to protect the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. To donate to a charity that’s helping the Haitians with Gary Heavin, please visit FERHA, which is primarily managed and operated by Haitians.


3 Disturbing Fukushima Facts The Government Is Covering Up

3 Disturbing Fukushima Facts The Government Is Covering Up

1. Fukushima Radiation Readings Continue to Hit New  High

One of the most absurd lies put forth by TEPCO (Fukushima plant  operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.) and backed by the government is the  notion that Fukushima is really nothing to worry about. In fact, the incident  was classified as a ‘Level 1 anomaly’ before it was revealed that radiation  levels were  skyrocketing to new highs as recently as September 4th of 2013. And it was  this same revelation last September that forced the Nuclear Regulation  Authority (NRA) to acknowledge this  reality and change the classification of the Fukushima disaster to a Level 3  ‘Serious Incident’.


The radiation levels were high enough to kill an unprotected human  within hours.

2. Plant Operators Caught Faking Radiation Readings

The very core of the Fukushima disaster timeline that has been regurgitated  by the mainstream media and government agencies alike was almost exclusively  based on information provided by plant operator TEPCO — a company that is now on  record as having lied to the population of the world in a major way. And there  were no signs they would ever tell the truth unless forced to. It wasn’t until  an independent investigation revealed the actual levels of radiation released  from the plant (around 2 1/2 times more than TEPCO would even  admit) that TEPCO was forced to  go on record and state that the radiation levels they released were indeed  much lower than reality.

We can only imagine what else they are lying about.

3. Radioactive Caesium-137 was Mostly Drained into Pacific  Ocean

The independent investigation into Fukushima radiation levels not only  exposed the lies by TEPCO regarding the radiation explosion at the plant, but  that around 78% of the caesium-137 released by the plant was  funneling into the Pacific Ocean. The plant now states that the  three reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant released  about 900,000 terabecquerels of radioactive substances. About  20% fell on Japanese land, 2% somewhere on land outside the country, and a  whopping 78% remainder is believed to have entered the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, fisheries continue to operate and governments continue to pretend  nothing has gone wrong. And at the same time, the mainstream media (the dying  media that continues to lose trust ratings according  to major Gallup polls) pushes the propaganda that Fukushima is nothing at  all to worry about — just keep eating seafood from Japan and don’t mind the fact  that radiation levels are still spiking. And definitely don’t mind the EPA  raising ‘acceptable limits’ of radiation in your food supply.

The answer is clear: exposing this information and inciting a reality check  throughout the planet is essential to actually forcing the establishment to  respond to Fukushima. Unfortunately, it once again appears that we are required  to fend for ourselves on a survival level until we can reach the point where the  public has truly had enough.

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