World News In 60 Seconds 50

*WORDS: White House urges Senate to hold off on Iran sanctions while Democrats clamor for quick Obamacare fix

Obamacare enrollment falls way short and the White House is accused of tossing DHS pick answers in the mix

Record number renounce US citizenship while the USDA will allow China-grown chicken meat to be imported

Secrete globalist treaty threatens internet freedom, some documents from wikileaks reported

NYC residents suing to stop fortresslike security plan… while there was record high opium harvest in Afghanistan

US relations deteriorate with Pakistan while rationalists exclaim “Its good you can’t keep your health care plan”…

They’re gonna take it there, really? (SLAP) …come on maaan

Looting turns deadly in typhoon’s aftermath with all the desperation and frustration

Russian lawmaker proposes bill outlawing the US Dollar citing imminent disintegration,

Snowdens lawyer says he never traded secretes for money, it was never his intention

Campaign to Stop killer robots says UN must stop the development of weapons that engage without human intervention

And all the madness just goes on and on and on, and with that I have no doubt,
but thats all the time for world news in 60 seconds Im changedachannel and I’m out!

INCREIBLE MEXICO:mujer indigena da a luz en el pasto por que el hospital no la atendio!!!

La joven de 28 años acudió la madrugada del 2 de octubre al centro de salud de San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz, en el Estado sureño de Oaxaca, con dolores de parto. Los médicos la valoraron pero, pese a lo avanzado del proceso, nadie la ingresó ni la atendió. La mujer se vio obligada a salir del hospital para tener a su hijo sin ayuda.

Pregnant woman gives birth outside Mexican clinic after being kept waiting for two hours

A disturbing photo of 28-year-old Irma López Aurelio and her newborn was featured on the cover of the La Razón de México newspaper

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