Vaccine ‘herd immunity theory’ dismantled and debunked

The vaccine “herd immunity” lie is believed by the majority of Americans who have been brainwashed to be hypochondriacs and paranoid about infectious disease. Medical doctors repeatedly tell their patients that everything is genetic (they mean inherited) and that all humans are born very weak, with crippled immune systems that MUST have 50 vaccinations before age seven to survive the onslaught of 50 different infectious diseases that will cripple, maim and kill them, otherwise.

“You will DIE of infectious disease!” – if you do not pump your muscle tissue, brain and central nervous system full of mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, various strains and combinations of live (but dormant) viruses, genetically modified bacteria, sorbitol (yes, the artificial sweetener used as an emulsifier and carrying agent, aka an “adjuvant”), deadly sodium chloride, and of course aluminum phosphate to enhance the toxicity of the mercury. That’s the mentality that’s never explained, or NOBODY would get ANY of these insanely over-loaded and carcinogenic-laced toxic shots at all, ever (hint, hint).

“Sheeple” believe the herd myth – here’s why…

“There’s safety in numbers,” proponents of mass vaccination say. “It’s the unvaccinated that are the greatest risk,” they’ll proclaim during their shill argument. People regurgitate what their MD utters at the end of the routine checkup and inoculation visit, just to make sure nobody with vaccine injuries is doubting the American “process” – the standard – the new “norm.”

People don’t like to buck the system, or have to go get medical or religious waivers just to say they don’t trust vaccines anymore. The sheeple are even able to request “preservative-free” vaccines, which means the CDC took out one of about 30 horrific toxins contained in each and every jab, especially the multi-dose jabs. The media spins the script too, handed down by Hitler and his mad scientists who went to work for America’s Big Pharma less than a decade after serving time for mass murder.

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