Health News -It’s Finally Here: Radioactive Plume From Fukushima Makes Landfall on America’s West Coast

Two-year-old girl tragically dies just two days after Christmas from eating a battery smaller than a dime
Brianna Florer died at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sunday
Her parents called an ambulance when she threw up blood and turned blue
The cause of the two-year-old’s death is believed to be a button battery she swallowed
While batteries often will pass through the system, they can get stuck and leak an alkaline substance which can prove fatally poisonous
By Ashley Collman For
Published: 15:38 GMT, 1 January 2016

The Greek Genocide: 1914-1923.

It’s Finally Here: Radioactive Plume From Fukushima Makes Landfall on America’s West Coast
(EnviroNews Oregon) — Tillamook County, Oregon — Seaborne cesium 134, the so-called “fingerprint of Fukushima,” has been detected on US shores for the first time researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) said this month.
WHOI is a crowd-funded science seawater sampling project, that has been monitoring the radioactive plume making its way across the Pacific to America’s west coast, from the demolished Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in eastern Japan.
The seawater samples were taken from the shores of Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach, and were actually obtained in January and February of 2016 and tested later in the year.
In other strikingly similar news reported last month, researchers at the Fukushima InFORM project in Canada, led by University of Victoria chemical oceanographer Jay Cullen, said they sampled a sockeye salmon from Okanagan Lake in British Columbia that tested positive for cesium 134 as well.
Multiple other reports have circulated online, mostly in alternative media outlets, and mostly not corroborated by any tangible measurement data, that point to cases of possible radioactive contamination of Canadian salmon, but EnviroNews Oregon has not independently confirmed any of these claims.

These POLICE OFFICERS are PRAYING for people and handing out meals

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Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria Has Mutated, Spreading Uncontrollably

Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria Has Mutated, Spreading Uncontrollably
Back in April 2010, an explosion at a British Petroleum oil rig resulted in millions of barrels of oil contaminating the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the drastic measures taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe, an oil slick produced by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill covered over sixty thousand square miles.
As one of the means of addressing the environmental catastrophe on their hands, Washington decided to take drastic measures, regardless of the possible consequences of those actions. It was at that time when an artificially created microorganism nicknamed Cynthia was unleashed, without any kind of examination of the possible threat it may pose to the environment.
Cynthia is the brainchild of the J. Craig Venter Institute — which was engaged in genetic engineering experiments since the beginning of the 21st century — and Synthetic Genomics Inc, and was created and funded directly by BP. It was believed that Cynthia feeds on oil, but it turns out now that it is equally willing to consume all forms of organic life as well…
In 2011, Cynthia was unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico and in its initial stages of life it was absorbing oil slicks at breathtaking speed. In January, 2011 the Register reported that scientists were particularly impressed by the speed with which the bacteria was eating up its “meal”.
But then this bacteria mutated and soon was feeding on organic lifeforms. Strange reports started coming from the US, like five thousand birds falling victims of an “unknown disease” in Arkansas, or more that a hundred thousand dead fish found off the coast of north Louisiana. It was also reported that a total of 128 British Petroleum employees that participated in the liquidation of the oil slick were struck by some mysterious illness. According to various sources they were forbidden to seek relief in public hospitals, to prevent them from talking to anyone about what has happened to them…

Red Alert: Artificial Flesh-Eating Bacteria ‘Synthia’ Is Destroying All Life
The Artificial Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Synthia, was released at the Gulf of Mexico to eat oil in the water caused by oil giant BP in 2010. It turned out the bacteria mutated and it consume all forms of organic life as well. This project was supported by ‘BP’. Remarkably, this is ignored from all sides!
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Foodbabe: Here is why we all should be concerned about eating glyphosate

Here is why we all should be concerned about eating glyphosate:
Independent research links glyphosate to cancer (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and it has been deemed a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s team of international cancer experts. The childhood cancer rate is steadily rising and experts say that they don’t know why. Why are they not taking a closer look at these facts?
Research also indicates that glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor, which disrupts hormones and leads to reproductive problems, early onset puberty, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers. When it comes to endocrine disruptors, very small exposures are the most damaging, so “the dose makes the poison” mantra does not apply!
Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum antibiotic killing the good bacteria in your gut. Poor gut health is linked to inflammation and a whole host of diseases. As GMOs laced with glyphosate are commonly fed to farm animals, this could very well be contributing to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
It binds with vital nutrients in the soil (like iron, calcium, manganese, zinc) and prevents plants for taking them up. Glyphosate is thereby making food less nutritious!
Why is this weed killer in these foods? Even non-GMO and organic food!
This chemical has gone so mainstream that glyphosate has infiltrated every facet of our environment – our water, air, soil.
Many GMOs were invented to be resistant to glyphosate – and since GMOs have been introduced the use of glyphosate has gone through the roof! It is now the world’s most widely used herbicide.
Glyphosate is not just used on GMOs. Conventional (non-organic farmers) use Roundup as a drying agent on crops, such as oats and wheat. It can’t be simply washed off, as it is taken up into the plant itself.
As the active ingredient in popular “Roundup” herbicide, millions of people are using this stuff around their homes, and it’s widely used at parks and other public spaces.
So, that is why it’s not just GMO-filled junk food that is laced with glyphosate. It’s contaminating organic and non-GMO foods, and it’s even in our honey! The FDA quietly found it in almost every single sample of honey that they tested (from mass produced to organic mountain honey). The media has been essentially silent and barely anyone heard this news!
Even if you don’t personally eat the specific brands that were tested (I don’t), how many people are eating Cheerios and Ritz Crackers every day? A lot!
A FDA-registered food safety laboratory tested iconic American food for residues of the weed killer glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup) and found ALARMING amounts.
Just to give you an idea of how outrageous these amounts are, independent research shows that probable harm to human health begins at really low levels of exposure – at only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate. Many foods were found to have over 1,000 times this amount! Well above what regulators throughout the world consider “safe”.

Top 10 UFC Middleweight fighter and former Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy breaks down the secret behind getting off the grid, living a self sustainable lifestyle and eating real nutritional food

Top 10 UFC Middleweight fighter and former Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy breaks down the secret behind getting off the grid, living a self sustainable lifestyle and eating real nutritional food.

Keiser Report: Banksters aka Tongue Eating Isopods (E531)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the absurd tongue eating isopod sitting in the middle of the global financial system and what the system would look like with that parasite ripped out of the host economy. They look at Iceland and Kenya where parasites are being banished with old debt repudiation ideas and with revolutionary new crypto payment systems. In the second half, Max interviews futurist, IT architect and Free Software advocate, Arjen Kamphuis, about the internet in a post re-architected NSA world in which the free network is disintegrating but against which the likes of Google, Oracle and Microsoft are leveraged. They add up the costs to US corporations in lost revenue as nations across Europe and Latin America divorce themselves from industrial espionage on an industrial scale from America.

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Eating disorders on the rise: What you need to know

Eating disorders on the rise: What you need to know

What causes eating disorders?

Eating disorders usually show up during puberty and in early adulthood, between the ages of 18 and 20.  Although it’s not clear why a child might develop an eating disorder, genetics may play a role. “There may be some people genetically more loaded to get an eating disorder,” O’Brien said. Often times, an anxiety disorder or depression can co-occur with an eating disorder.

Most likely, it’s a perfect storm of genetics, media messages, and the right set of circumstances—poor self-esteem and criticism by others. “You have to be really careful about making comments, particularly to young girls,” O’Brien said. “As they start to go through puberty, it’s a very uncomfortable time for kids.”

Know the warning signs

Think your kid has an eating disorder? Here are some things you should look for:

-Restricting calories, food avoidance, reading labels, changes in diet

-talk about dieting -loss of menstrual periods

-weight is 15 percent below ideal -distorted body image or body critiquing

-purging, use of laxatives, excessive exercise -binging behaviors

-secretive eating

-isolating from family and friends

-scraping and bruising of the finger joints

-yellowing of teeth or dental problems.

Boost your immunity for flu season by eating these four superfoods regularly

Boost your immunity for flu season by eating these four superfoods regularly

NaturalNews) Another cold and flu season is upon us and you’re probably  contemplating whether or not to get that flu shot. Whether your do or not, you  should know that there are a couple of “superfoods” you could add to your diet  that will substantially reduce your chances of getting sick this  season.

Garlic – it’s not just for making your meals taste  better. Practicing good habits all year long is, of course, the best thing  to do for your health, but this time of year holds special concern because, as  our kids go back to school and the weather turns cooler in most of the country,  our bodies are more susceptible to disease. “This is an ideal time to commit  yourself to practices like yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition, restorative  sleep and the use of herbs and supplements,” said Karen Koffler, MD, director of  Integrative Medicine at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, near Chicago,  according to Natural Life Magazine. These healthy habits can strengthen  your immune system and reduce stress.

One of those herbs should be  garlic. According to Natural Life, garlic “has been nicknamed ‘Russian  penicillin,’ due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast  properties.”

“One of the best immune-system helpers is garlic,” writes  herbalist Susun Weed, adding that experts say “it contains at least 17 different  factors that nourish and support powerful immune system  functioning.”

Obviously cooking with fresh garlic or minced garlic in a  jar is one way to boost consumption of this flu fighter, but if you’re not a fan  you can always revert to enteric-coated garlic tablets as a  supplement.

Have some tea. Some green tea. One of the superfoods you should incorporate into your flu-fighting diet is green tea. Prof. Rachel  Johnson, Ph.D, M.P.H., R.D., writing for, says, “My  colleague Mingruo Guo, Ph.D., a professor of food science at the University of  Vermont and an authority on the immune-boosting potential of foods, always has a  pot of green tea brewing. He drinks five to six cups a day, convinced that it  has immune-enhancing effects along with other health benefits.”

She goes on to mention research which indicates that a certain  kind of polyphenols called catechins, which are contained in green tea, may kill  influenza viruses.

Citing researchers in Canada and South Korea,  Cooking Light magazine noted, “Green tea is a rich source of a type of  antioxidant called a catechin, and preliminary research has found that a  specific catechin — epigallocatechin gallate (egcg) — may give the beverage  antigen-fighting abilities.”

Have another helping of blueberries. Sweet and delicious, blueberries also have a strong antioxidant effect on the  body, which helps to boost the immune system. “Fresh berries are packed with vital nutrients, such as  antioxidants, that are important to good health,” says berry producer  Driscoll’s. “Antioxidants are found in foods such as strawberries, blueberries,  raspberries and blackberries, and they help to protect our cells from harm  caused by free-radicals, or molecules responsible for aging and certain  diseases.”

A sales pitch? Hardly.

“Based on data from the USDA  Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (Boston, MA), blueberries are among  the fruits with the highest antioxidant activity,” writes health guru Monique  Roy, for Yahoo!. “Using a test called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance  Capacity), researchers have shown that a serving of fresh blueberries provides  more antioxidant activity than many other fresh fruits and  vegetables.”

Get some raw honey – Just don’t get stung. What makes  raw honey so good for you – and such a powerful flu fighter – is that it’s packed with nutrients. Raw honey contains “22 amino  acids, 27 minerals, a full-range of vitamins, and 5,000 live enzymes,” says  Applied Health Journal.

“Focusing on the cold season, studies have  shown honey is more effective at treating cough symptoms than OTC cough  medications,” says the magazine, adding a warning: “Please note that raw honey  should not be given to children under one-year-old, due to a possible botulinum  toxin, also known as the base for Botox, which can be easily resisted by older  children and adults.”


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