Music News – Thomas Lightningbolt – The Music Industry Exposed (Special Edition)

Thomas Lightningbolt – The Music Industry Exposed (Special Edition)

This video is factual evidence. I have been making music for nearly 30 years. I have been studying the industry for about 15 years. Have you ever wondered why some people with very little talent rise to the top of success, while others with incredible talents never even make money for food? Here is the truth… They say the truth will make you free! They also say Dead men tell no tales!!!! Someone who just heard my latest demo asked, “you are singing also?” I said YES, He replied, “You’re awesome!”. Then I said, “See, Success in the Industry, Its got nothing to do with talent!!!” I REST MY CASE!!!!!! People that dis ‘like’ this video, just are pissed at the facts that I presented which are irrefutable!

Robbie Williams – Swings Both Ways (Deluxe Edition) 2013 [Full Album]

1. Robbie Williams – I Wan’na Be Like You (feat. Olly Murs) (3:31)
2. Robbie Williams – Swing Supreme (3:17)
3. Robbie Williams – Swings Both Ways (feat. Rufus Wainwright) (3:58)
4. Robbie Williams – Dream A Little Dream (feat. Lily Allen ) (3:33)
5. Robbie Williams – Soda Pop (feat. Michael Bublé) (3:19)
6. Robbie Williams – Snowblind (3:19)
7. Robbie Williams – Puttin’ On The Ritz (2:32)
8. Robbie Williams – Little Green Apples (feat. Kelly Clarkson) (3:16)
9. Robbie Williams – Minnie The Moocher (3:41)
10. Robbie Williams – If I Only Had A Brain (3:52)
11. Robbie Williams – No One Likes A Fat Pop Star (2:54)
12. Robbie Williams – Shine My Shoes (3:24)
13. Robbie Williams – Go Gentle (4:31)
14. Robbie Williams – Where There’s Muck (4:09)
15. Robbie Williams – 16 Tons (2:36)
16. Robbie Williams – Wedding Bells (4:35)