Just News – SkyWatch TV – Arrival of Alien Leviathan from Exoplanet Waterworlds


SkyWatch TV – Arrival of Alien Leviathan from Exoplanet Waterworlds
http://SkyWatchTV.com PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! (Timestamped topics listed below) What is the real story of the infamous Roswell UFO crash and how do the Men in Black fit in? Does Ancient Astronaut Theory have occult roots? Why has the appearance of extraterrestrials changed over time? How do water world exoplanets, Leviathan, and ancient texts converge? Does this reveal the prophetic return of alien entities or something far more disturbing? It all goes deeper than you might think. Find out the answers to these questions and more as Derek P. Gilbert, Josh Peck, and Dr. Michael S. Heiser discuss their latest, most ground-breaking research into ETs, UFOs, and the Official Disclosure Movement!

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