Vaccine propagandist David Gorski worked alongside cancer fraud doctor Farid Fata

Federal prosecutors have already dubbed his case one of the most criminally insane exhibitions of ruthless quackery that they’ve ever witnessed in their careers. But former cancer doctor Farid Fata, who as you may recall bilked American taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars in order to stuff his own pockets, may have had an accomplice – science-based medicine “skeptic” David Gorski, a blogger for one of the leading misinformation sites on the web who just so happens to have worked right alongside Fata at one of his Michigan cancer clinics.

Fata’s lavish career as a criminal oncologist came to an abrupt end last fall when he reluctantly pleaded guilty or no contest to 23 counts of Health Care Fraud, two counts of Money Laundering, and one count of Conspiracy to Pay and Receive Kickbacks. In a nutshell, for years Fata had been prescribing and administering all sorts of expensive and highly dangerous cancer treatments to his patients, many of whom didn’t even have cancer, in order to make himself filthy rich. He was eventually caught, charged and convicted, and will hopefully never again practice medicine.

But before his reign of terror was finally stopped, Fata operated a vast network of cancer clinics throughout the state of Michigan, where he committed countless crimes against humanity. One of these clinics was the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, which has several locations in the Detroit metropolitan area. Fata was actually the head of one of the Karmanos Cancer Center locations where, as it turns out, David Gorski still works as a surgical oncologist.

The managing editor of a website devoted to smearing alternative medicine and natural cures, Gorski is still quite proud of his work at the Karmanos Cancer Center, which involves blasting women’s breasts with radiation in order to “cure” their cancers – and when this doesn’t work, slicing their breasts off completely. The same types of cancer treatments that landed Farid Fata on the justice chopping block, in other words, also represent the pinnacle of Gorski’s career.

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