Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Bringing Home The Madness 21-12-2013 ( FULL HD 2 HOUR LIVESET )

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On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of December, as more than 35.000 eager fans gathered, another milestone in Belgian EDM history took place, cementing the country’s heavyweight postion even more in the halls of Dance Music Fame.
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike joined forces with their mentors from Tomorrowland to bring their first Solo ‘Bringing Home The Madness’ Concerts in the Belgium’s most legendary venue : Sportpaleis Antwerpen.

After playing some of the larges stages in the world, attracting record-breaking views during the Tomorrowland livestream ànd a mainstage liveset recording clocking up 10million views to date , 6 Beatport N°1 Hits, reaching almost 3 million fans on Facebook, plus being voted #6 Dj’s in the World in this year’s DJMAG TOP 100 DJS – the stars were aligned right to take the next step in their already impressive musical career.

The brothers began teasing a huge announcement over the summer, throwing out various cryptic clues during Tomorrowland and over social media.
A strange message, displayed all over Belgium, sparked a virtual firestorm as fans scrambled to decipher the meaning: ‘Was it an Album?’ ‘A documentary perhaps?’

In September, the Sportpaleis date was announced with an over-the-top trailer and its own website, generating a storm of online buzz.
With the first date selling out it’s 19.000 tickets in hardly a day and over 10.000 fans subscribing to a waiting list – hoping to still get hold of a ticket – the choice to add a second date was an obvious one.

Adding a chart-breaking ‘Bringing Home The Madness’ mixed compilation to the story ànd a #1 Chart postion for their latest single ‘Find Tomorrow ( Ocarina’ featuring UK Superstar Katy B and their protegés Wolfpack – paved the way for one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The show itself carried the same dramatic flair, creating an overwhelming spectacle – big enough to turn a two-hour DJ performance intro a smashing, electrifying, fist-pumping larger-than-life experience. With over a 1000 m² LED Wall , next level lighting , C02, Fireworls and enough lazers to make even George Lucas envious – the prodution of the show was on true ‘Tomorrowland- Level’.

For the people missing out on a ticket, the team added a livestream that attracted over 100.000 viewers, reaching ‘trending topic’ with #BTHM on Twitter. With guests like Nicky Romero, W&W and Wolfpack joining the party, plus a stadium packed to the rafters with screaming fans, Bringing Home The Madness had all the hallmarks of an absolutely classic live experience, wherever in the world you were.

Upon request of countless fans, the brothers now decided to give away this FULL HD version of the 2 hour performance as their holiday gift for their fans who have been supporting them trough this amazing journey and onwards.

Join them on the first row, fullfilling one of their lifelong dreams and be part of the madness that took place in one of the most unforgettable nights of the year!

Thank you for the MADNESS !!!

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