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Professor Griff Drops Knowledge to WeAreChangeCT

“It’s a lot larger than us three standing here. It’s a lot larger than We Are Change. It’s a lot larger than Public Enemy. But as long as we’re here, breathing, we have to at least raise our consciousness level of the entire human family. One segment, one individual at a time. But I want to let ya’ll know, you touch one, you touch all. Peace.” ~Professor Griff

WeAreChangeCT recently attended the Sleep No More concert in Elizabeth NJ and Steve Boutelle had the pleasure to speak with Professor Griff (Public Enemy) about how music can be used as a psychological warfare tool for both good and evil. They also spoke about if Griff had any moments of doubt while spreading his message of truth. Other topics include communication between cultures and clicks, and the definition of entropy and if that disorder will always exist within reality.

Check out Professor Griff here:

Also check out Public Enemy here:

Interview/Edit: Steven Boutelle
Footage: Jeff Durkin

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