The Occult: Shining Light on Satan’s Shadow

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158: The Occult: Shining Light on Satan’s Shadow
In this two-part series, Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen speaks with Eastern Orthodox priest and occult-specialist Father George Aquaro about the attractions and dangers of the metaphysics and practices of what is called the occult. From seemingly benign astrology to ghost-chasing, and Father George speaks extensively about these practices and what is behind them from the Orthodox Christian perspective. Do ghosts and apparitions exist, or are they necessarily demonic? This and other questions will be addressed in this fascinating two-part series you will not want to miss.

Interview with a former “Illumined One” #1

~ ~ Carolyn comes from a bloodline of generational illuminists. As a result, she was born right into the Luciferian agenda for the last days. ~ ~

[From Carolyn Hamlett’s site]
About Me (Carolyn Hamlett) My story covers a broad range of information including my family’s part in the founding of the United States, as well as their allegiance to a hidden agenda that has been silently supported from generation to generation. The hidden agenda being The Plan for “The One World Order”; aka “The New World Order”. I stand against this agenda and it is my duty to expose it and that which is behind it. I do not post questions or comments you submit to me through the comment section of this blog without your permission. You can reach me at:

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Discovering The Truth w Dan Duval
December 18th, 2012…

Part of exposing the devices and strategies of the enemy involves talking about what he can and does do. On Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval one of our goals is to expose the works of darkness that the truth of Jesus Christ can be made manifest in our lives. For this reason we are going to be having our first interview with former “Illumined One” Carolyn. I can honestly say that by way of experience she exhibits a greater knowledge of the workings of the kingdom of darkness than anyone I have personally known. Furthermore, her testimony of the impact that Jesus has made on her life will inspire even the harshest critic.

Carolyn comes from a bloodline of generational illuminists. As a result, she was born right into the Luciferian agenda for the last days. Only by the grace and repeated direct intervention of Jesus Christ has she been able to arrive at this point in her life. She speaks not because she wants attention, but because she feels a responsibility and call to do so. Her blog can be found at She is joining us to begin a series of programs during which we are going to be discussing her testimony. She will undoubtedly share many things that will shock you, stretch you, and frankly blow your mind. However, in the end, it is our goal that the true accounts that she will relay will empower you with both knowledge and faith.

Note: Based on some of the information discussed, the guest wants listeners to be aware that she does not believe in reincarnation. Furthermore, she does not believe that anything similar to it played a role in any part of her testimony.