– Exclusive: NYPD Commissioner Delivers Ultimatum to Cops – “Get Vaccinated by Friday, Or No Pay.”

In this leaked internal video NYPD Commissioner, Dermot Shea, tells his fellow COPs that get vaccinated or starting Nov1st you get no pay.

A whistleblower inside the New York City Police Department leaked internal video featuring NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea urging officers to get vaxxed by Friday, or forgo a paycheck.

In an internal video memo circulated among NYPD staff on Wednesday, NYC’s top cop looks nervous as he tells officers to get vaccinated before the city’s mandated deadline Friday.


Just News – The Alex Jones Channel – Federal Officer Talks About Trump’s War On Pedophiles/The Pope Is Purging Anti-Pedophiles

The Alex Jones Channel – Federal Officer Talks About Trump’s War On Pedophiles/The Pope Is Purging Anti-Pedophiles

Alex Jones talks with former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer and Leo Zagami about how Donald Trump is taking on and destroying the global pedophile network.

RT – Online ‘pedophile hunters’ told to join police force
Members of vigilante ‘pedophile hunter’ groups could be made special constables to help officers in their online search for child sex groomers, a police and crime commissioner has suggested.
Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent Jeff Cuthbert told BBC Wales that the groups, which track down and confront groomers then post the video on social media, were “intent on playing what they see as their part,” and saying they had secured many convictions.

“What we don’t know is how many potential perpetrators have got away with it because it’s not been done properly, or walked away because it’s not stood up in court, so it’s a question of balance,” he said.

Welcome to Pedophile Island
Douglas Hughes says if elected he would rid the state of all pedophiles. Hughes has even set up a plan on his website to detail how the pedophiles would set up their island. So Alyona decided to go to the man himself to see how he thinks a Pedophile Island would work out.

NYPD insider reveals Hillary’s trips to Pedo Island
Infowars reporter Joe Biggs breaks down info from an NYPD source who spoke with Breitbart today and said emails showed Hillary went to pedo island 6 times with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. Bill Clinton went more than 20 times

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s island hide-away for Pedophilia ring exposed
The original air date of this show was on January 25, 2015 Hour two. To download the entire show click here Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s island hide-away for Pedophilia ring exposed. His private jet was used by former U.S. President Clinton and members of the Royal family according to flight records.

AMTV – Bill Clinton and Hillary Lolita Express Pedophilia Ring
In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV breaks down the connection between convicted felon Jefferey Epstein ‘known pedophile” and the Clinton’s. Will this be the next shoe to drop in the Wikileaks Podesta dump? We’ll find out this weekend in an Exclusive RT interview with the man himself Julian Assange.

AMTV – Donald Trump to Usher in Biblical World War 3
In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Donald Trump to Usher in Biblical World War 3.

The Official Hagmann Report – Gerald Celente Lays It All Out on The Hagmann Report 6/23/17
Gerald Celente says more about the domestic and geopolitical events taking place today in one segment than most “talking heads” do in an entire month of broadcasts. The foremost political atheist tells it like it is, taking no prisoners in the information-packed segment.
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NYPD Police brutality: Killed Unarmed Soldiers during traffic stop

Detective Hassan Hamdy, identified by police as the officer who fatally shot Noel Polanco, 22, was one of several officers named in a 2007 brutality lawsuit by a Queens grandmother and her grandson who said they were terrorized by police after being subjected to an illegal search of their home. The suit was settled for $235,000.

NYPD Racial Profiling: It’s Not Just Stop & Frisk Anymore — Traffic Violations

Here we see a man in handcuffs for a parking or traffic violation. This is not uncommon. Put the pieces together. Does it really take 4 cops and 2 patrol cars to bring in somebody who is double parked? #CopsGoneWild

If you are a wealthy, white person driving a Mercedes on Manhattan’s Upper White Sider, you can expect not to be pulled over for a minor traffic infraction or double parking. If you are Black or Latino, you can expect a series of parking tickets that are probably easier to pay than to fight, sadly. A kind of death by 1,000 papercuts.

Let’s say there’s an empty bed in an immigration detention camp somewhere and the person being taken away in this video is not a permanent resident, a year or two of slave labor while waiting for a trial is another recipe for success of the Prison Industrial Complex.

Excuse my screaming, but I wanted the man in custody to hear me. Cops base their testilying on their memory of what was said, not what was said.

So frustrating to see these civil servants behaving so badly everywhere, ON OUR DIME.

Undercover NYPD detective charged for role in Manhattan biker gang beatdown: sources

Undercover NYPD detective charged for role in Manhattan biker gang beatdown: sources

Detective Wojciech Braszczok, 32, turned himself in shortly after the Manhattan  district attorney signed off on his arrest. Braszczok allegedly lied to police  about his role in the beatdown. Video, a source said, shows Braszczok banging on  Alexian Lien’s SUV moments before Lien was pulled from the vehicle by the mob of  bikers and beaten.

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