Poll: Do You Support Patriotic Bikers Protecting Trumps Inauguration?

Poll: Do You Support Patriotic Bikers Protecting Trumps Inauguration?
An estimated 2 million bikers will descend on Washington D.C. for Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration as the 45th President of the United States of America. These patriotic bikers have protected Trump and his supporters throughout the election process and are planning to do the same for his inauguration.  The bikers want to prevent “the libtards” from ruining the welcoming event.
From the 2 Million Bikers to DC
“These libtards need to be shut the hell up. This is not only a biker event but it is a Trump Supporters event. We are many and varied but we unite as one. Christian, Veterans, Bikers, Truckers, Steelworkers, Coal worker’s, Preachers, Fast food workers, all Colors on the human race, if you are a working class American and you support Mr. President Donald Trump then we would love to see you there. Our main objective is to show our Love for our new President and unite as one in a collective effort in Solidarity Brotherhood and Unity. God Bless America.”

Outrage in Slovakia at election of neo-Nazi in regional poll

Authorities in central Slovakia have postponed the inauguration of far-right nationalist Marian…

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Authorities in central Slovakia have postponed the inauguration of far-right nationalist Marian Kotleba as governor after locals protested against his election.

Since the weekend’s poll a nightly candlelight vigil has been held mainly by students at a museum which commemorates Slovakia’s fight against fascism.

Marek Šimon was one of those protesting in the region of Banská Bystrica:

“Firstly everybody was surprised that something like this can happen in the 21st century. But now everybody has woken up. We have to deal with it somehow.”

Kotleba who is leader of “Our Slovakia” party won with over 55 percent of the vote. He has a history of making racist statements and analysts think his success was fuelled by anti-Roma sentiment.

Reporting for euronews, Gergely Bártfai


Young adults say technology can be dehumanizing -poll

Young adults say technology can be dehumanizing -poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Millennials are tech-savvy young adults who grew up with smartphones and iPads, but many think technology makes people less human, according to a poll released on Thursday.

The survey of 12,000 people aged 18 and older in eight countries, commissioned by Intel Corporation, also showed that 18- to 24-year-olds want technology to be more personal and know their habits. Older women and those living in emerging markets are the most enthusiastic about the role technology can play in their lives, the findings showed.

Dr. Genevieve Bell, an anthropologist and research director at Intel Labs, said although the results of the survey that examined global attitudes towards technology innovation may indicate that young adults are rejecting technology, the findings could be more complicated.

Bloomberg Poll Shows Americans Waking Up to Government Fraud

Bloomberg Poll Shows Americans Waking Up to Government Fraud

68 percent of Americans believe the nation is “on the wrong track,” however it’s far higher than that

Julie Wilson
September 25, 2013

A new Bloomberg National Poll reveals Obama’s approval rating has hit an all time low since the president went into office in 2009, as reported by the Washington Examiner. However, Obama’s approval rating is much, much lower than this as Bloomberg Polls have been notoriously known to be unreliable.

Just last week Gallup.com released a poll showing fewer Americans than ever trust the government to handle international problems, “with 49% saying they have a great deal or a fair amount of confidence.”

In early Aug., a Gallup Poll revealed that Obama’s economic approval slipped to 35 percent, down 7 percentage points from 42 percent in June.

According to Bloomberg, nearly half of the nation (49 percent), officially view Obama in a negative light, and his push for Obamacare isn’t helping. The Bloomberg poll shows a 53 percent disapproval rating on the economy, compared to 38 percent approval.