NYPD Racial Profiling: It’s Not Just Stop & Frisk Anymore — Traffic Violations

Here we see a man in handcuffs for a parking or traffic violation. This is not uncommon. Put the pieces together. Does it really take 4 cops and 2 patrol cars to bring in somebody who is double parked? #CopsGoneWild

If you are a wealthy, white person driving a Mercedes on Manhattan’s Upper White Sider, you can expect not to be pulled over for a minor traffic infraction or double parking. If you are Black or Latino, you can expect a series of parking tickets that are probably easier to pay than to fight, sadly. A kind of death by 1,000 papercuts.

Let’s say there’s an empty bed in an immigration detention camp somewhere and the person being taken away in this video is not a permanent resident, a year or two of slave labor while waiting for a trial is another recipe for success of the Prison Industrial Complex.

Excuse my screaming, but I wanted the man in custody to hear me. Cops base their testilying on their memory of what was said, not what was said.

So frustrating to see these civil servants behaving so badly everywhere, ON OUR DIME.