Cops Weigh In On Reported Krokodil Deaths

Cops Weigh In On Reported Krokodil Deaths

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said Monday that reports of deaths in the state linked to the use of the horror drug krokodil are unsubstantiated.

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post, OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said that there is no “conclusive evidence” linking the deaths of two Duncan, Okla., men last year to krokodil, a gruesome street drug similar to heroin that causes flesh to rot off users’ bones.

“There’s no current investigation,” Woodward told HuffPost. “His death was ruled a drug overdose,” he said, referring to the case of Justin “Quincy” McGee, a man who some outlets suggested may have been the first to die as a result of krokodil in the United States.

“OBN has not confirmed a single case in Oklahoma. We are aware of reports about its use in our state, but we are not aware of any evidence that can support the claims,” Woodward said.

According to Woodward, police “became aware” of the drug in November 2012, after McGee and a friend both died from complications due to drug use. According to KSWO-TV, McGee was admitted to the burn unit of an Oklahoma City hospital with symptoms resembling krokodil use.