Illuminati a distraction says rapper kanye west

Illuminati a distraction says rapper kanye west

Speaking with Wild 94.9′s The JV Show recently, ‘rapper’ Kanye West, known for his hotheadedness and outspoken rants about nothing in particular but here on his best behaviour, calmly chatted with the sucky hosts about Christianity and incorporating Jesus into his recent shows but also broke off into an impromptu rap to address a question about people’s “bizarre” illuminati observations, declaring that the new world order is just some “bullshit” and that illuminati in music is a distraction. He’s is right about the illuminati in music, it is indeed a distraction (at least in part) as it allows the masses to be kept preoccupied with triviality trying to identify ‘who’ is ‘in’ the illuminati, while more important issues are left overlooked, yet it’s strange that he would want to point this out considering the amount of occult symbolism that has been incorporated into his own videos in the past. It’s also a bit rich of “Yeezus” to sanctimoniously profess to be a devout Christian, when really he’s subliminally pushing the unscrupulous satanic agenda, as would any good illuminati industry soul-selling puppet. That’s some mighty fine satanic inspired attire you’re sporting there Mr. West, I’m sure “Jesus” would be proud! – See more at: