Ukraine: Ruptly reporter shot by Maidan sniper

Live from Kiev:

A Ruptly reporter was hit by a sniper’s bullet while covering the outbreak of clashes in Kiev’s Maidan Square on Thursday.

The journalist, who was hit while passing the window in the corridor on the 13th floor of his hotel located in downtown Kiev, was hit in his bulletproof vest and suffered no injuries.

Ukrainian police have been shooting at suspected snipers in the hotel and protesters are firing shots back.

Dozens of injured and several dead bodies are piling up in the hotel lobby which has been transformed into a field hospital.

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Diesel fumes used against ‘Occupy Romania’ activists

Diesel fumes used against ‘Occupy Romania’ activists

Members of the group ‘Occupy Romania’ held a demonstration in Bucharest’s University Square on Saturday, clashing with riot police who used diesel smoke from the exhausts of their vehicles against the demonstrators. Protesters compiled a list of ten key aims they hope to achieve, including the resignation of President Traian Basescu, repealing changes in the penal code, prohibiting hydraulic fracturing, and cancelling all licences linked to shale hydrocarbons.