Just News – The Most Honest Arab Muslim On Planet Earth


Muslim Demographics
Published on Mar 30, 2009
Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.


A Wise Honest Arab Muslim Man Tells Muslims The Truth About Themselves – A Must See

The Most Honest Arab Muslim On Planet Earth

A Wise Honest Arab Muslim Man Tells Muslims The Truth About Themselves – A Must See

Saudi-Kuwaiti singer ‘insults’ the Arab world with facts
Shams Bandar Al-Aslami (Arabic: شمس بندر الأسلمي, born April 28, 1980), known mononymously as Shams, (Arabic: شمس) is a Saudi-Kuwaiti singer. Due to her criticism of the Arab culture and traditions, Shams has dropped the Kuwaiti nationality in order to hold the nationality of Saint Kitts and Nevis


Robert De Niro denounces medical totalitarians: ‘Let the people see VAXXED’ and decide for themselves what the evidence shows


The CDC is fully aware that vaccines cause autism

Nearly all pharma-controlled media outlets also insist that any link between vaccines and autism has been “disproven.” See this Daily Mail article by Hannah Parry, which parrots the typical propaganda. In reality, the link has been known by the CDC for well over a decade, but it has been deliberately hidden. If hiding scientific truth is to be accepted as “disproving” something, then the entire field of science deserves no credibility at all.

Natural News recently published partial transcripts of CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson describing how the CDC is knowingly sitting on a treasure trove of statistical data proving a link between vaccines and autism. See CDC is hiding a massive collection of damning scientific evidence proving vaccines are linked to autism… shocking details from the recorded phone calls of Dr. William Thompson.

“I, as a parent, of a child who has autism, I’m concerned, I want to know the truth,” De Niro told viewers of the Today Show. “There’s a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies, there’s a lot of things that are not said.”

Precisely. There are things the media won’t dare report about vaccines because the entire pharma-controlled media is protecting the vaccine monopoly.

Synthetic spider silk capsules assemble themselves

Synthetic spider silk capsules assemble themselves

In addition to snaring dinner and protecting spider babies, spider silk makes a pretty good shield for bioreactive enzymes. Even when it’s not made by the spiders themselves. Turns out, self-assembling spider silk capsules, crafted by colonies of bacteria, are pretty good at keeping reactive molecules calm.

“We called this ‘Spiderbag’,” said Thomas Scheibel a protein-chemist-turned-engineer, and coauthor of a study  describing the capsules published in Advanced Functional Materials. The tiny spheres, produced by Scheibel and his colleagues at the University of Bayreuth, are about as strong as glass — comparable to the ornamental globes that hang on Christmas trees, “just a few sizes smaller,” Scheibel says.


At once both tough and malleable, the silky containers can sheath proteins that would normally want to react with many things around them. The silk stops the enzymes from unfolding or becoming inactive before they’re needed. Soon, the team says, these capsules will be ready for use in medical diagnostics. Though tiny, the spheres are too large to be injectable. Instead, though he won’t go into details, Scheibel says the capsules could be used as a super-sensitive array capable of detecting performance-enhancing substances in athletes, for example.

“They could be used as an analytical tool, to identify substances in the body, in the blood — like drugs,” Scheibel says.