InfoWars – Mom’s Twitter Timeline Shows Transformation from Pro-Vax To Pro-Informed Consent Following Teen Son’s Vaccine Injury

by Adan Salazar

A mom-of-three who expressed wishes to vaccinate all of her children was humbled after her 14-year-old son was diagnosed with myocarditis, which set off a downward spiral of medical bills and doctors visits.

The mom’s entire transformation from pro-vax to pro-informed consent was documented publicly on Twitter, where she admitted she’s been criticized and blocked by pro-vaxxers despite her initial pro-vax stance.

Twitter thread:


Just News – The Alex Jones Channel – Breaking: Pedophile Lobby Panics As Trump Expands Investigations / Arrests

The Alex Jones Channel – Breaking: Pedophile Lobby Panics As Trump Expands Investigations / Arrests
Craig Sawyer and Leo Zagami join Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss how President Trump has been successfully moving against extensive pedophile networks across the globe.

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The Official Hagmann Report – Convergence of Biblical Prophecy – Bill Salus on The Hagmann Report 6/23/17
opular and prolific author Bill Salus discusses the biblical and prophetic implications of our current geopolitical situation, from Iran to Saudi Arabia and Russia.
Mr. Salus also details the significant societal signs that we are living in prophetic times.
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Prophecy Watchers – Bill Salus: The Coming Global Transformation
What exactly is that “lie?” Could it be a UFO appearance from phony aliens, explaining away the Rapture of the Church? If a UFO came down from the heavens one day and fallen angels stepped out claiming that they seeded the Earth millions of years ago, (the Panspermia theory) and returned to stop us from destroying ourselves with nuclear weapons, who wouldn’t believe them? If they brought down fire from heaven and showed miraculous superpowers, who could deny their message? Would they offer an appearance of a fake Mary with a soothing message for humanity? The Roman Catholic Church would be beside themselves with joy.

L. A. Marzulli – Apocalypse Soon? Bill Salus Interview PPS Report March 21st, 2017
L. A. Marzulli interviews Bill Salus on Bill’s two books which deal with The Book of Revelation. Are we really in the last days? Is the Apocalypse around the corner?

Prophecy Watchers – Bill Salus: The False Covenant
Gary Stearman and Bill Salus discuss the false covenant between Israel and the antichrist.

Prophecy Watchers – L.A. Marzulli: Battle in the Heavens
L.A. Marzulli claims we are right on the verge of a cosmic regime change. Covering a wide range of prophetic subjects, Gary and L.A. discuss the chaos and lawlessness that is now sweeping across the entire world. These two prophecy experts discuss such timely and bizarre events such as sacrifices at the Bohemian Grove—a favored place of powerful politicians and VIPs—the Presidential election and corruption in Washington DC, the rise of human/pig chimeras, Israel and the two-state solution, Islamic terrorism, the prophesied destruction of Damascus and of course, the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

Prophecy Watchers – L.A. Marzulli: Giants in the Holy Land
The Bible contains some strange events, but none stranger than the angelic rebellion described in Genesis 6. For the third time, “the experts” gathered in Newark, Ohio for the annual Nephilim Mounds conference. Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli, Russ Dizdar, Fritz Zimmerman and Chief Joseph Riverwind spoke passionately about these dark days—the days of Noah and how this tragic “seed war” brought about the flood that destroyed every living creature on the planet. When the Israelites entered the Promised Land there was a challenge waiting—the offspring of those fallen angels—the gigantic Nephilim. Some say you can’t fully understand the Bible without an understanding of this controversial and bizarre subject. These five men would no doubt agree.

Prophecy Watchers – L.A. Marzulli: The Great UFO Deception
Our old friend, L.A. Marzulli, has coined a new phrase. “When we go up, they show up.” L.A. believes there is a worldwide UFO deception waiting in the wings. Perhaps it happens after the rapture, a creative way to explain away the disappearance of millions of people. Was the “Roswell event” in 1947 the kick-off to the day of deception? Gary and L.A. discuss the history of UFOs and this modern, new age phenomenon. Hear from Roswell insiders who have “spilled the beans” on the great cover up! Who’s flying these secretive craft? And what is their hidden agenda?



Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

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Our video’s message: We are in no way saying that this is the finish line for Jim. This is just the first corner turned. We’d be crazy to think a makeover video would undo the internal damage of decades of poverty and alcoholism. Progress is rarely a straight line forward, especially when it comes to addiction. But it could be the start of something, and we’re working hard to help walk him down this new path. For everyone else, we hope to give a hesitation to those that we tune out, a reminder of the potential that even our most down and out citizens will always carry with them.

Information about Degage Ministries: Serving 400-500 individuals daily, Dégagé Ministries offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community. Responsive programming is designed to address immediate and long-term needs such as overnight respite for women in crisis, food, referral services and hygiene facilities. While many of our services may seem “simple,” those who receive our services take nothing for granted. Often, it is the simplest of gestures that brings the most powerful results.

Mineral transformation may trigger deep earthquakes

Mineral transformation may trigger deep earthquakes

It allows sudden transition where the crust is too fluid to fracture.

  by         Simon Redfern         Sept 24 2013, 4:00pm +0300

A little more than 90 years ago, British geologist Herbert Hall Turner noticed some data that suggested something unexpected. The only way to make sense of the data was if an earthquake occurred hundreds of kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface.

Since Turner’s observations, deep earthquakes have fascinated seismologists. It is still unclear why they happen, but two studies recently published in Science use different approaches yet reach the same conclusion. These quakes are probably a result of rapid changes in minerals that propagate at up to 14,000 km/hour (nearly 8700 mph).

Such deep earthquakes do not have immediate consequences for humans. But they hold clues about destructive quakes in the Earth’s shallower crust, making it important to understand them.

Not just superficial

Most earthquakes occur in the stiff, brittle outer shell that includes the Earth’s crust. This “seismogenic zone” causes the most devastating and dangerous earthquakes, but it only goes down to about 15km (roughly nine miles) beneath the surface.

As you go deeper, pressure and temperature both increase rapidly, so the nature of earthquakes changes. Rocks move slowly on geological time scales, pushed or pulled by different forces acting on them. At depth, they appear to flow like soft toffee rather than break like peanut brittle.

This is why Turner’s observations of earthquakes more than 600km (372.8 miles) below the surface were puzzling. If the rocks flow slowly, then there shouldn’t really be any sudden shocks that cause an earthquake. Rather, there should be gentle, continuous readjustments to stress.

Suggestions have been floated in the past about what triggers such earthquakes. But Thorne Lay of the University of California at Santa Cruz managed to analyze a deep earthquake that occurred this year on May 24 in the Pacific Ocean beneath the Okhotsk plate. At a magnitude of 8.3, it was four times greater than the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Indeed, it was the biggest ever recorded at a depth of more than 600km. A near-surface earthquake of the same magnitude could’ve been very destructive, but this was barely noticeable, at least at the surface above.

Recent analysis of an earthquake at Bhuj, India, in 2001 suggests it shared similarities to the Okhotsk event, although it was just 16km deep. At that depth, it caused terrible devastation, including an estimated 20,000 deaths. “There may be things we don’t understand about more shallow earthquakes that we can learn from studying these deep earthquakes,” said Bob Myhill of the University of Bayreuth.

During the Okhotsk event, the Pacific plate was drawn down into the hot mantle that makes up much of the planet’s interior. Lay found that the seismic energy released in the event was so large that it caused fractures as great as 180km (111.8 miles) long near the depth of the earthquake. The rock ruptured at close to the speed of sound, which would be as much as 14,000 km/h under those conditions.