AmazingFacts – A Trip Into the Supernatural – The Roger Morneau Story




AmazingFacts – A Trip Into the Supernatural – The Roger Morneau Story

An interview with Roger Morneau who tells the story of how God rescued him from the world of luciferianism and demon worship.

Henry Gruver: After Death Trip Through Outer Space

Steve Quayle interviews Henry Gruver at GenSix Studios concerning Henry’s death experience in which he was taken on an amazing journey through the cosmos before being returned to life in his body.

True Legends the Documentary Film Series

Joyful Sound Ministries (Henry Gruver’s website)

Roger Morneau A Trip Into The Supernatural (full testimony)


There sits today in rulership of this fallen world order one who has grown ancient in evil, cunning in subtlety, and cruel in deceit. He waged the first war of the universe in the distant planet called heaven, and subsequently brought conflict to this little world we call earth as it spins on the outer edges of the milky-way galaxy. He filled all heaven with discord and the earth with death, and both with great sorrow. He deceptively challenged every transparent purpose of the Creator, and even coveted the throne of the Eternal, planning to either assume rule of the universe or if not, then to plunge it into chaos and ruin.

Hell pictures A Trip To Hell (Full version) / 지옥그림_지옥을 견학하다 (Full version)

이 지옥 영상은 한국에서 열린 ‘지옥전’에 관심을 갖고 계시던 분들에 의해 유투브로 처음 소개 되었고 그 영상을 바탕으로 재구성 되었습니다.
This video about the Hell was first debuted by those who were interested in the ‘Hell’ exhibition in korea. And it was remade on the base of those videos.

우리는 이 그림들의 원작자로서 더 생생하고 현장감 있게 지옥에 대해 알리라는 주님의 응답을 받아 새롭게 영상을 제작하게 되었습니다.
We are the original artists of these drawings. We heard a voice of the Lord telling us that we need to let everyone know about the Hell much more clearly and vividly, so we remade this video.

천국과 지옥에 가서 비디오를 찍어서 가지고 오지 못하니 못 본 자들을 위해서 화가들을 통해 주님께서 그림으로 보여주는 것입니다.
A video of Heaven or Hell cannot be recorded and brought back so the Lord showed what they are like through these artists.

지금 보실 그림들은 다양한 지옥의 실제 현장을 그림으로 표현한 것들입니다.
The paintings you are about to see are actual scenes from the various parts of Hell that are expressed through these paintings.