American truckers are putting Washington DC on notice

American truckers are putting Washington DC on notice

There seems to be no end to the political theater in Washington DC. But what began as a simple game of chicken between the White House and the Republican opposition has quickly morphed into a game of political Russian roulette.

  A nation polarized, stuck in the ultimate political gridlock  imaginable over federal spending. As America waits for a  resolution to the federal government shutdown, an unlikely  community has decided to put their money where their mouth is. By  all accounts, they are the most under-appreciated industry in  today’s America. Truck drivers are the backbone of the American  economy. Everything Americans own, buy and need is delivered to  them by trucks daily, yet few take any notice of the people  behind the wheels. That could all change after this weekend, as  America gets a taste of its first-ever diesel-driven flash mob.

  According the organizers at, over  3,000 truckers, thousands more demonstrators on foot, have  already RSVP’d to converge on the nation’s capital starting this  Friday, Oct 11th, as they plan to slow traffic into Washington  DC, and present a list of demands to law makers there.

“Somebody had to do it,” explained Zeeda Andrews, a former  country singer and Mac Truck spokesmodel. Organizers have been  surprised by the amount of support they’ve gathered since their  campaign gained visibility last month.   “I didn’t think it would be this big. Maybe that’s because the  American people are just fed up. It’s more than just a trucking  issue now, we are in a constitutional crisis and something has to  be done, and it’s common people like myself – with nothing to  lose, who are going to get something done.”

Considering the fact that most people have never sat in the cab  of an 18 wheeler in their life, the DC truckers have somehow  managed to attract a pretty wide appeal. Already, parallel  protests have sprung up, set to take place in most major US  cities on Friday and Saturday.

  Larry Klayman, a former US Justice Department prosecutor, and  founder of Freedom Watch, has also volunteered his support for  the DC truckers’ campaign. This past summer Klayman represented  the families of Navy SEAL Team 6 who were killed when their  Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan in August 2011,  following the White House’s rather incredible raid on the alleged  bin Laden lair in Abbotabad, Pakistan.