Ukraine: Ruptly reporter shot by Maidan sniper

Live from Kiev:

A Ruptly reporter was hit by a sniper’s bullet while covering the outbreak of clashes in Kiev’s Maidan Square on Thursday.

The journalist, who was hit while passing the window in the corridor on the 13th floor of his hotel located in downtown Kiev, was hit in his bulletproof vest and suffered no injuries.

Ukrainian police have been shooting at suspected snipers in the hotel and protesters are firing shots back.

Dozens of injured and several dead bodies are piling up in the hotel lobby which has been transformed into a field hospital.

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Chaotic scenes in Ukraine capital as battle erupts in Kiev

Chaotic scenes in Ukraine capital as battle erupts in Kiev

On Tuesday, anti-government protesters in Ukraine clashed with the police in Kiev after authorities attempted to force demonstrators from the main protest camp near Independence Square (Maidan).

Go here to view the live broadcast of the riots in Kiev:

Ukraine Protesters Commandeer Bulldozer to Push Back Cops

Kurt Nimmo
December 2, 2013

Protesters in Ukraine may be somewhat deluded. It looks like they want the country to join the bankster cabal’s European Union. They are also upset over President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to embrace Russia’s sphere of influence and what many perceive as a return to the bad old days of dictatorial rule under the Soviets. Yanukovich is a former Soviet planner and a convicted petty criminal.

Ukraine leader tells EU: ‘Don’t humiliate us’

As Ukrainian protesters spent another night braving the cold to demand a European future, their…

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As Ukrainian protesters spent another night braving the cold to demand a European future, their President slammed what the EU is offering his country.

Viktor Yanukovich went on national television to explain his U-turn on signing a trade deal with the bloc, branding its terms on financial aid for Ukraine as humiliating.

“I don’t want to be rude but you don’t have to humiliate us like this,” he said. “You know, we are not little children. You can’t buy us with candy.”

Under economic pressure from Moscow, Yanukovich will instead revive trade talks with Russia. He will, however, still attend this week’s EU summit in Vilnius.

Loreta Grauziniene, the speaker of Lithuania’s parliament, has addressed the crowds in Kyiv, encouraging them to pursue their protests.

“It is a difficult road but you have to follow it with pride,” she said. “I believe in the Ukrainian people. I know you love your country and for the sake of your children and your grandchildren, you will do everything you can for Ukraine to be in Europe.”


FEMEN Exposed RT Documentary

FEMEN activists claim their naked protests fight against patriarchy and gender inequality. However, many say their actions and methods are counterproductive. After a backlash from one such demonstration, the activists had to flee their native Ukraine. RT visits the movement’s new headquarters in Paris to expose the inner workings of the FEMEN movement its leaders, supporters and ideology.

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