‘Who are you defending?!’ Taxi driver stands up to Ukrainian soldiers (VIDEO)

Amid escalating tensions in Ukraine, the local population remains unclear who the army is ‘defending’. Latest video shows a taxi driver standing up to Ukrainian soldiers at Slavyansk checkpoint.

A taxi driver confronted a military checkpoint in Ukraine’s eastern town of Slavyansk, asking the Interior Troops stationed there: “Who are you guarding against here?”

In response he received a confused answer from one of the soldiers: “We’ve been doing that since December, nobody really knows against whom.”

The taxi driver stood up to Ukrainian soldiers that had been demanding to see his identification, claiming that they are there “to prevent transportation of forbidden items to or out of Slavyansk,” as part of the “anti-terrorist operation.”


Video: Russian troops fire warning shots as Ukrainian military march towards Crimea air base

Russian forces fired warning shots in to the air as ranks of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers marched towards them at Belbek air base in Crimea on Tuesday (March 4).

Russian troops backed by armoured personnel carriers took over Belbek military airport near the port of Sevastopol last Friday (February 28). Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based in Sevastopol.

On Tuesday a column of Ukrainian soldiers marched towards the Russian forces while chanting and carrying the Ukrainian flag. As they approached the line of armed Russian soldiers and military vehicles guarding the base, the Russian forces fired warning shots into the air and warned them not to approach any further.

Once the Ukrainian soldiers reached the line of Russian forces, the Ukrainian and Russian commanders spoke as armed Russian soldiers surrounded them. There were no incidents.

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Ukraine leader tells EU: ‘Don’t humiliate us’

As Ukrainian protesters spent another night braving the cold to demand a European future, their…

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As Ukrainian protesters spent another night braving the cold to demand a European future, their President slammed what the EU is offering his country.

Viktor Yanukovich went on national television to explain his U-turn on signing a trade deal with the bloc, branding its terms on financial aid for Ukraine as humiliating.

“I don’t want to be rude but you don’t have to humiliate us like this,” he said. “You know, we are not little children. You can’t buy us with candy.”

Under economic pressure from Moscow, Yanukovich will instead revive trade talks with Russia. He will, however, still attend this week’s EU summit in Vilnius.

Loreta Grauziniene, the speaker of Lithuania’s parliament, has addressed the crowds in Kyiv, encouraging them to pursue their protests.

“It is a difficult road but you have to follow it with pride,” she said. “I believe in the Ukrainian people. I know you love your country and for the sake of your children and your grandchildren, you will do everything you can for Ukraine to be in Europe.”