Agenda 21 Ghost Cities Ready to Go!

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Pre-built, empty ‘ghost cities’ are popping up everywhere in China and there is even one in Angola. Are they just fancy projects for developers with too much money and too little foresight, or are these designer cities being set up to implement Agenda 21’s program of herding people off the land and into high rises where they can be more easily monitored and controlled?
Planned-Opolis video:

Displaced Palestinians in Syria brace for winter

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees has begun to distribute blankets and mattresses to help displaced families cope with winter.


France to deploy 1,000 troops to C. Africa for six months

France’s defence minister said Tuesday that Paris would deploy about 1,000 soldiers to Central African Republic for six months to support an African peacekeeping force

Ektomorf – Instinct (Full Album) 2005

Ektomorf – Instinct (Full Album) 2005


1. Set Me Free 00:00
2. Show Your Fist 03:11
3. Instinct 06:40
4. Burn 10:39
5. The Holy Noise 14:56
6. Fuck You All 18:38
7. United Nations 21:49
8. Land Of Pain 26:52
9. I Break You 29:04
10. You Get What You Give 32:55
11. Until the End 35:42
12. I Will 39:35


1. Destroy 43:28
2. I Know Them 47:19


Israel revises children’s arrest tactics, but violations continue – UNICEF

Israel revises children’s arrest tactics, but violations continue – UNICEF

Israel’s army is introducing reforms to how it arrests Palestinian children in the West Bank, the UN Children’s Fund said. The move comes amid international criticism after revelations of widespread mistreatment of detained Palestinian children.

United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) said in a statement that  Israel was “taking steps” to address some of the problems  outlined in a report  released by the organization back in March. The report revealed  that the Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military in  the West Bank were “systematically” mistreated.

Seven months after the report was released reports of violations  are ongoing, reports UNICEF, despite the 38 recommendations  issued along with the report that would help to bring the  treatment of children in line with international standards.

But, UNICEF noted that Israel had moved forward on the issue and  is currently testing some of the newly reformed measures. The  first measure deals with Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) issuing  summons for children instead of making night arrests at home,   “which can be traumatic for children and their siblings,”   UNICEF said.