Henry Rollins- 50 (Live at the National Geographic Theater)

Description from the back cover of the DVD case:

The 50 DVD has made its arrival to our site after being sold on tour only for most of this year. The DVD is a live performance of me at the National Geographic Theater in Washington DC on February 13th, 2011, when I turned fifty. Ian MacKaye introduces me and I take it from there. It was a good night in a good theater with a fantastic audience. One of the parts I like about it is that we did some non performance footage of me going back to some of my old haunts in DC like the classic venue Madams Organ as well as a tour through my old job that I left in 1981. We are very happy to be able to bring this to all of you who were not able to go to the tour and pick it up there. — Henry

Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal (Full)

I’m not owner of this video. I upload because I don’t found on yt full version. I think new fans of Thrash should watch this film. 馃檪 I recommend!

Heavy – The Story Of Metal – Episode II : British Steel FULL DOCUMENTARY

Heavy – The Story Of Metal – Episode II : British Steel FULL DOCUMENTARY

Putin: I envy Obama, because he can spy and get away with it

I envy Obama because he can spy on his allies without any consequences, said Putin when asked about how his relations had changed with the US following Snowden’s espionage revelations. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/q66cm7

WTH or Modern Chinese pop music?

WTH or Modern Chinese pop music?

The Russian Mafia – Documentary

The Russian Mafia – Documentary

With the fall of communism, a rapacious new gangster class arose from out of the former Soviet Republics and became criminal millionaires. The Red Mafiya, which seized power with staggering speed in the post-Soviet free-market free-for-all, can be traced back centuries to the Thieves World–a secret criminal culture with a strict code of conduct based on loyalty and opposition to the government. We cover the Redfellas evolution–from roots in Imperial Russia to shocking global reach today.
A look at the history and evolution of the Russian mafia that dates back to Tsarist Russia and has managed to not only outlast the Soviet Union but details how it thrived on its collapse.
Includes details on undercover government workers and what they were very shocked to have found out about the extent to what the Russian mafia were able to offer them in America.

Systema Spetsnaz-Multiple Opponents Combat ( Vadim Starov)

袧袨袙蝎袡 袧袗袘袨袪 袙 袚袪校袩袩校 袙袗袛袠袦袗 小孝袗袪袨袙袗
小袗袦袨袨袘袨袪袨袧袗 小袩袝笑袧袗袟 袠 袧袨袞袝袙袨袡 袘袨袡
效袠小袥袨 校效袗小孝袧袠袣袨袙 袨袚袪袗袧袠效袝袧袨
Punches – Strikes – Kicks
Pressure Points
Internal Wave Energy
Grabs & Chokes
Weapons Combat
Multiple Opponents Combat
Combat in difficult conditions
No – Contact Combat

Kung Fu vs Systema Spetsnaz (Special Forces)

Russian martial art, systema spetsnaz (special forces).
Vadim Starov, famous russian martial art expert and trainer of special forces, explaining some techniques of real street fight to Kung-Fu masters.

袗袣孝袠袙袧袗携 小袗袦袨袨袘袨袪袨袧袗 芦小袩袝笑袧袗袟禄 芯褌 袙邪写懈屑邪 小褌邪褉芯胁邪
孝袪袝袧袠袧袚 袪袝袗袥鞋袧袨袚袨 校袥袠效袧袨袚袨 袘袨携.
协肖肖袝袣孝袠袙袧袗携 小袗袦袨袟袗些袠孝袗 袪校小小袣袠袡 小孝袠袥鞋

Special Operations: America’s Secret Soldiers

Special Operations: America’s Secret Soldiers


Gurkhas vs French Foreign Legion(HD)

Gurkhas vs French Foreign Legion(HD)