Vaccines – An Attorney Viewpoint

Vaccines – An Attorney Viewpoint

I learned in law school to break every legal question down into its component parts and analyze each part separately before coming to a conclusion. This method applies not only to purely legal questions but also to medical-legal questions. Part of the method is to be open minded to all information and skeptical of all information. Skepticism is important because big companies will lie to enhance their profits.
Applying this method to vaccines means evaluating each vaccine individually, and not to generalize about all vaccines.
It is incorrect to overgeneralize, both in medicine and in law. The assertion that vaccines are safe and effective in a court of law would include the assertion that all vaccines are safe and effective. This is an overgeneralization.
Examination of each vaccine should be multifactorial and step-by-step. Each vaccine, prior to use, should be proven to be
1) safe,
2) effective,
3) not “leaky”,
4) necessary, and
5) legal.