CDC keeps urging the public to get flu shots, despite Wisconsin woman’s death following vaccine

“Mom, I’ve never been this sick,” said Katie McQuestion, a 26-year-old radiology technician from Kenosha, Wisconsin, before being admitted to the emergency room for indications of sepsis. A month prior, Katie was forced by her employer to get a flu shot that started her downward spiral from the peak of health to severe illness and death.

The healthy, lively young woman had no prior medical conditions and never had flu before, but she developed flu-like symptoms during a trip out with her mother to shop for dresses. Katie was engaged to be married.

The following day, she was sent home sick from work. Two days later, she was admitted to the emergency room of St. Catherine’s Medical Center, where she had worked for three years. Twelve hours later, the hospital called Katie’s parents as her condition worsened.

“They told us sepsis had set in, and it was too late,” her mother said. “By that time, all her organs had begun to fail. There was nothing they could do.”

Sepsis is a life-threatening reaction caused by chemicals in the bloodstream that trigger severe inflammation.

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