Heaven & Hell testimonies: Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus

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Black October ’93: Tanks in Moscow, Blood on Streets (RT Documentary)

In October 1993, Russia was on the brink of civil war. Deputies from the Supreme Soviet of Russia — the main legislative body in the country – were on one side and President Boris Yeltsin and his supporters on the other. In decree 1400, the president proclaimed that the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation and its deputies were to discontinue their legislative, administrative and executive functions. The deputies responded with a decree removing Yeltsin from the Presidency. This resulted in two days of street fighting, hundreds dead and injured.

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Dear Wen XVI

Stuart France

CA Village and church (25)

Dear Wen,
Well done!
We should have enough there to keep us occupied for a while.
The jaunt seems to have captured the imagination of a fair few folk… will they show as much interest in the book when it emerges I wonder…

di at ashridge 021
The hairy anchorite made me laugh, again… He, if it is a ‘he’, looks like a Yeti.
There is an extension to the inner and outer symbolism we first flagged up in, ‘The Heart of Albion’ deserving of mention.
Cerne Abbas church if I recall correctly…

CA Village and church (12)The grotesques’ on the roof bosses although inside the church act as supports to the roof ‘of heaven’.
Similarly, the statues of the dignitaries ‘tread’ various ‘sins’ or calumnies underfoot… a little like St Michael ‘quelling’ the dragon or the Beast…
Although, not at all like Lao Tsu riding on his ox…
Of course, it is an ideal.

I wonder how…

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