Vaccines: Life Saving or Life Changing?

Vaccines: Life Saving or Life Changing?
By Cathy Jameson
I often hear the words safe, effective, and life-saving used to describe vaccines.  I heard a new term to describe them on a commercial on the radio this week:  life-changing.  I tuned out the song that came on after the commercial and reflected on how much my child’s life changed post vaccination.  You know something?  They’re right.  Vaccines really are life-changing!
Now, before you think that I’m saying that in a positive tone, I am not.  Vaccines changed my son’s life, but it wasn’t for the better.  For anyone who knows Ronan, they can see just how severely he’s been affected by them.  His life before vaccines was different, very different.
He was healthy.  Then he wasn’t.
He was reaching milestones.  Then he wasn’t.
He was happily babbling.  Then he wasn’t.
Were the vaccines my son received life-saving?  Nope.
Were they safe?  I don’t think so.
Were the vaccines effective?  Not unless the seizures, losing speech, and regressive autism was part of the package.
Did they change his life?  Yes, they most certainly they did.  But his life is hardly a reflection of the lives of the young children portrayed in the commercial who we’re meant to believe have gained years of health from a vaccine by the time the commercial ends.  Vaccines are life-changing, but not in the sunshiny, positive way this store and its partners have portrayed.

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