Spiritual News – SGTreport – The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: GOD IS REAL – Here’s the Proof

SGTreport – The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: GOD IS REAL – Here’s the Proof
The global elite are now in the process of unveiling that which they have been hiding for centuries. There is a spiritual war taking place on planet earth at this very moment. Look no further than the Goothard Tunnel opening ceremony on June 1st in Switzerland. The nearly $9 million dollar occult riddled ritual featured Baphomet copulating with human women, the bride of satan giving birth, all seeing eyes and an endless amount of other Satanic symbology. Meanwhile over at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider project in the same country we see Shiva the God of Destruction standing proudly in front of CERN’s headquarters. And the CERN movie ‘Symmetry’ makes their aims perfectly clear, they are actively trying to break the barrier between that which is seen and unseen. Again, the elite seem Hell bent on ushering in their NWO Beast system and at this point they have stopped hiding it. Would it really surprise any of you who understand this information if you were to find out the Darwin’s theories on the Origins of Species are also nothing more than lies based on deplorably bad “science” in order to get the world’s population to dismiss the notion of a Creator altogether? If the elite could get the whole world to believe this beautiful planet and all who inhabit are nothing more than a random accident, they could get humanity to lower its spiritual shields thereby making it far easier to usher in the global system they seek, helmed by the one they secretly serve, Satan. Spiritual warfare on planet earth is alive and well – and you have been lied to. Author James Perloff joins me to deconstruct Darwin. and share proof that God is real..


One thought on “Spiritual News – SGTreport – The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: GOD IS REAL – Here’s the Proof

  1. So since there is a VERY SMALL chance that cells can divide and contain the proper protien to support life as we know it (in fact you quote the science you denounce by stating that they state the chance is so small it is near impossible) that is your proof that there is an omnipotent, all knowing being that lives in the sky while committing mass genocide multiple times, mauling children with bears, forcing women to have sex with the brothers of their dead husbands, forcing parents to kill their children, threatening forced cannibalism, the rape and murder of countless virgins for what reason? The list continues for a while, by the way, but I’m sure you’ve read the bible. This god of love is your proof that since there’s only a small chance evolution could have happened, since we don’t have enough proof to convince you of science, its quite obvious to you that there is a greater chance for this ever present being that cannot be proven even a VERY SMALL amount. Not one major event in the bible can be proven (flood, Eden, talking donkeys, babel, unicorns, etc…) Not one (sane) person on earth has proof of a god outside of the books selectively canonized by the church to fit their narritive. The predictions in the bible have been proven wrong (look at city of tyre) If you take the bible away as a source of “proof” there’s nothing left. Also, you’re quoting a book that called the earth a disc with a roof, says insects have 4 legs, says Pi=3, and has hundreds of contradictions in itself. Besides, are you sure you’re pretty enough to be a Christian? Leviticus 21:17-24 doesn’t. I would like to point out how much smaller of a chance your theory has of being true than biology and evolution. And if you’re right, god help us all cuz the guy in the sky is gonna kill us all in some drunken bet he makes with the guy under the dirt just like they’ve done before.


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